How do Plushy toys make children smarter?


Some time ago, I attended sharing sessions and field trips to famous international schools with my friends. There were also students sharing on the spot; their confidence and energy were impressive, and their speeches were head-on. I also found an interesting common denominator in these bright kids: strong logical thinking skills. The teacher also mentioned that these kids are good thinkers, not stuck on the surface of things, and always able to think of many solutions when they encounter problems. Good logic and independent thinking skills are not inborn but result from an acquired ability that benefits them for life. Once people have developed the ability to think logically, they will naturally use these frameworks in their daily life and work to sort out problems and get to the truth of things. They can easily feel the glow of “logical thinking” even from their conversations. As with language learning, it’s best to start training logical thinking skills systematically in early childhood, with the usual parental guidance and some fun educational games to improve your child’s logical thinking skills effectively. My children have grown up playing with many toys to train logical Thinking, brain development, board games, Sudoku, interactive books, chess, cards, etc., to say the most cost-effective, the longest time to play when the – logic dog. Logic dog originated in Germany. Known for its rigorous thinking, it is a teaching tool designed for children aged 3-12 years old, mainly through the combination of intellectual templates and learning cards for intelligence, thinking skills training. It has been popular for over half a century and has sold well in 74 countries worldwide. In recent years, it has also started to catch fire in China, and many schools and institutions use it as a teaching tool for children’s thinking training, and parents are also very positive about it. The fun, rich problem-solving game system allows children at home to play addictive, logical thinking to improve, and focus is beneficial.

1, the development of children’s brains, from home can play “logic dog” to start I observed down, the child has been like so many years, first of all, it is interesting, good to start, the child can independently understand and operate willingly to play The first thing is that it is fun, easy to learn, children can understand and operate independently, they want to play and actively want to learn. And logic dog content is also richer, systematic. There are many other learning tools rarely seen in the game’s logic. With a little challenge, the thinking training system also includes a broader range. Logic Dog consists of two parts, learning cards + operation board. By inserting the card book with various interesting questions into the board, the child can answer the questions by toggling the colored push twists. Instead of saying it is a teaching tool, I think it is more appropriate to call it a toy. Every time my kids mention Logic Dog, they say, “Can I [play] for a while?” Step 1: Put all the round buttons at the bottom and insert them into the exercise book to form a row. Step 2: Read & Solve – The child observes the question and thinks about it, then moves the round knob to the position they think is right. step 3: Verify – Turn the exercise book upside down and verify it against the answer. The design of the operation, in just three steps, follows the educational concept of “three independents” – Independent thinking, independent operation, and independent testing. With a few brightly colored knobs, children can operate while observing, thinking, and doing so that they can play while learning and unconsciously learn. For example, this page allows children to find vehicles corresponding to the color push twist. Children need to compare the shape and color of the vehicles while finding the corresponding push twist and then move the push twist to the correct position. This process requires the eyes, brain, and hands to be mobilized, and the actual experience is like playing a scavenger hunt, which children love, and they love so much. In many people minds, they always think that exercising “logical thinking skills” is a very high-level thing, very complicated and brain-burning, but, in many cases, it is to let children in daily learning activities like logic dog practice develop the habit of thinking, analyzing problems, while helping children to establish a framework for problem-solving, teaching children mature and appropriate The logic is much more important than teaching him a formula! Logic dog upgrade version 3-7 years old step-by-step early childhood thinking training family educational children’s toys 2, seize the child’s thinking growth key period, scientific guidance to give them a strong “thinking core” following Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, the child’s growth also has several logical thinking ability key periods, during which the child to provide targeted and systematic It is important to provide children with targeted and systematic training during this period. Logic Dog is designed according to the physiological development of children aged 3 to 10 years old and the characteristics of the development of thinking.

The questions involve general knowledge, cognition, mathematics, language, and other aspects of life, requiring children to carefully observe the comparison, and association, through logical reasoning and judgment to come up with answers, which can effectively enhance the ten core abilities so that children are smarter. And logic cleverly integrates these thinking skills into fun games: o Developing observation skills through careful observation of pictures and finding differences o Developing logical thinking skills and spatial conversion through correspondence and linking activities o Developing logical reasoning skills through the connection of related things o Developing quick memory through the correspondence of template buttons and picture positions o Developing mathematical Thinking through calculation games o Developing imaginative activities through Enhance creativity and imagination o Improve concentration and hand-eye coordination through the child’s favorite way of using the template to operate Like this page, children need to observe the life scenes in the picture, find out the required items, cognize the attributes and classification of common items in life, and fully mobilize children’s keen observation and comprehension skills. On this page, “Anna asks you to help her classify”, children can find out the similar and different categories by specifying and excluding them, so that they can refine daily and scientific concepts through classification and develop their classification ability. On this page, “Sarah’s Birthday Party”, children can choose the right gift by observing the shape of the gift wrapping and develop their logical reasoning and associative judgment skills. On this page, children find the corresponding children or garages according to the number of cars, which exercises their mathematical skills and their ability to think logically in understanding the concept of numbers and simple counting operations, which paves the way for future mathematical logic. This page, “Observe the pictures and tell what kind of story happened respectively”, can be a good exercise for children’s imagination and language use. In short, logical thinking, enlightenment, and training should be a lot of aspects. Logic dog all take care of. Its highlight is to focus on all abilities rather than isolated training. The game is a good example of how to get the most out of a game. 3. professional and rigorous grading systems for scientific and systematic thinking training children’s logical thinking skills training and other learning, which need to be gradual, can not help. Logic dog according to different age children’s Thinking and intellectual characteristics and growth and development characteristics, targeted design of the corresponding learning themes and content, to create a perfect thinking training system: 0 ~ 3 years old Early childhood thinking enlightenment training program 3 ~ 7 years old Early childhood thinking skills training program 5 ~ 7 years old thinking conversion critical period children’s thinking strategies to enhance the program 7 ~ 12 years old children’s thinking skills learning enhancement program which and Harvard University’s Child Development Center released the ‘human brain development’ curve, the child’s ability to develop key time points also coincide. For example, with the progression of difficulty, the logic dog operating version of the slide button also more and more: 1-4 stage is six buttons, 5 stage is ten buttons, not only suitable for young babies to play in secondary school, it has a rigorous system of difficulty progression, has been used to young primary school and even elementary school. In addition to the content, operation, and design features, each stage of the content design also has a strong coherence, gradually increasing difficulty, to fully exercise the child’s thinking skills. For example, the content of the sense of number is throughout, the first stage is counting, the second stage begins to add the content of comparing size, the third stage appears to correspond to the number and quantity, and things are mixed, counting is much more difficult; to the fourth stage began to introduce calculation, each stage has both independence and continuity, is a spiral. In each stage, each theme to examine the logic of thinking is different, there is no substitutability between the various themes, and even if the thinking point is the same, the difficulty is also different. Complete playdown can give the child systematic, logical enlightenment. In the selection, you can choose according to the age of the child-targeted selection. For example, if the child is already five years old, you can directly choose the third stage suitable for 5-6 years old instead of starting from the first stage. Do not worry about a logic dog being too simple or too difficult, logic dog design in each stage can match the child’s learning range 4, the use of children’s desire to know the design theme is rich and varied and close to life logic dog the whole play is a large capacity, multi-dimensional, fun thinking “course”, its overall style of painting lively and lovely, fresh color scheme Rich, theme settings and so on are very suitable for children’s aesthetics and cognition. The themes of Logic Dog are things that children often come into contact with in their daily lives, including playing games, dressing and eating, general knowledge of transportation, fairy tales, vegetables and fruits, cute pets, etc., reducing the situation where children are unable to understand the topics because of their limited cognitive level. It is like introducing thinking from life first and then guiding children to apply their thinking to life, realizing the “silent” education.

The topics are very straightforward and do not need too many instructions, so in addition to the first time to play when I spent some time next to help guide, after my children were completely on their own, the logic dog on its bedroom bookshelf in a conspicuous position, the child can play a few sheets every day at hand, very worry-free. If a single-thinking child can be more quickly mastered, but the need for continuous integration of training to form thinking skills, a logic dog does guide children to use various flexible thinking problem-solving skills! Logic Dog is widely used and recognized. Logic Dog has been translated into 28 languages and used in 74 countries and regions worldwide. 2003 was introduced to China, radiating to 20,000+ schools in 300+ cities, with hundreds of millions of users. In my neighborhood, all families who attach importance to scientific parenting and cultivation with heart, Logic Dog has a set in hand, and word-of-mouth spreads, and mothers who have used it spare no effort to recommend it to their friends. Not only have the people around praised it, but its educational value and educational philosophy has long been officially certified, making Logic Dog the “Tenth Five-Year” and “Eleventh Five-Year” experimental teaching materials, and it is also an award-winning school tool! –It has won all the major awards at home and abroad, which is very authoritative and influential. And the German rigor not only in the concept of education but also reflected in the production process, art design, and product details. The logic dog can meet the details of the control. Every aspect can see it is really for the children in the heart. Children are a very destructive “species,” but for logic dog study cards, parents can rest assured that the convenient flip loose-leaf connected by coils to avoid loss, tough, thick coated paper, proper to fight the rough action of the torn book star. The study cards are made of matte-coated paper, which is softly reflective and not harsh to children’s eyes. And the screen uses soybean oil printing, lead-free, mercury-free non-toxic, and safe material so that parents can rest assured. Logic dog operation board by the German supervision, using high-quality resin production, not only safe and durable but dirty and can also be cleaned after. Push the twist device carefully. Not easy to fall off, can avoid the risk of accidental swallowing children. Unlike other exercise books, the logic dog does not need to use a pen to paint so that each page can be repeatedly used and play new. Logic dog upgraded to version 3-7 years old graded early childhood thinking training family educational children’s toys want to let children play more and more intelligent, we can also see from the U.S. National Gifted and Talented Class Selection Test COGAT (Cognitive Abilities Test), whether it is language, numbers or graphics is the assessment of the child’s logical thinking skills, gifted class training focuses on critical thinking The focus of gifted classes is on critical thinking, creativity, and leadership, and good logical thinking is the first brick in the door. A child with strong thinking ability will be a person who is good at deep thinking, deep thinking is an important reason to open the gap between people, and it is also an ability that will benefit the child for a lifetime.